Desalination In Africa Research Paper

The extent of Africa’s water crisis is severe. 358 million people do not have access to water in Africa. Actions are taking place to prevent any larger problems with Africa’s lack of water and hopefully to end the drinking of unsanitized and contaminated water. One solution is desalination, which is the removal of salts/minerals from the ocean water to create purified and drinkable water. The first criteria of this solution is that the existence of the water crisis would no longer be present. Since the amount of seawater is very abundant, desalination may be the cause of the end of this world crisis. This means that desalination could bring a limitation to the complications that we face caused by droughts, because of the ample supply of seawater that we …show more content…
A weakness in this criterion is the process of building and planning the desalination plant locations. This process would last over an enduring period of time. Despite the cost of this maneuver creating a considerable negative impact on this idea, the use of desalination will be very effective which will make up for the high cost. A decrepitude in the price of this procedure is that it is very costly and most developing countries cannot afford it. A possible barrier to implement this solution is an economical barrier which is the emitting of greenhouse gases. The idea that desalination plants will produce massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions is another concern of those who oppose to this idea. Therefore, this concludes that it may be very dangerous to remove salt from the ocean water because it could make a negative impact on the air that we breathe. One other existing solution currently to this problem is the act of building wells. Desalination is a better decision than building wells because wells are surprisingly dangerous to build. The simplest wells have traditionally been dug by

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