Soil Erosion Of Soil Degradation Essay

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Soil is the Earth’s fragile skin that supports all life on Earth. Soil anchors the majority of the world’s biodiversity and soil that is a healthy essential to attaining food production and providing an adequate water supply for a long period of time.
Soil degradation is a decline in the soils quality caused by improper use such as agricultural practices and industrial or urban practices. Soil degradation can cause a serious global problem and may be aggravated by climate change. Examples of soil degradation includes loss of organic matter, decline in structural condition, erosion, adverse changes in salinity, acidity or alkalinity, and the effects of toxic chemicals, pollutants or excessive flooding.
Soil degradation has affected the environment for thousands of years. Soil is being swept and washed away 10 to 40 times faster than it is being replenished around the world. According to David Pimental, professor of ecology at Cornell, soil erosion is second only to population growth as the biggest environmental problem the world faces. As a whole we should discover ways to reverse the issues but first we should explore the reasoning for the deposition of soil.
Many people are not informed about the depletion of topsoil because most people are not interested in soil. The soil contains various microorganisms. The organisms recycle organic material which can help the soil hold water better. The microorganisms are dying out because they need carbon to survive. We are taking…

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