Socs Vs Greasers

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“Rich people plan for three generations Poor people plan for Saturday night”(Leigh Taylor). The “Greasers” or also known as poor kids have more struggles than the “Socs” which are the rich kids. There is more evidence that the “Greasers” struggle more because of the sacrifices and the violence they were exposed to. The “Greasers” struggle because they are exposed to things they have never seen and the “Socs” have an lot to expect from. Because of the sacrifices they made and the violence they were exposed to, the “Greasers” struggled more than the “Socs”.
The “Greasers” are found to make sacrifices to keep their families together. Darry has to work two jobs and give a college up his college scholarship to keep his two younger brothers together
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“Johnny’s face was cut up and bruised and swollen, and there was a wide gash from his temple to his cheekbone”(Hinton).This shows that he got beaten up a lot from the “Socs”. This is important because it shows how Ponyboy also got exposed to violence at such an early age like other “Greasers”. Two “Socs” come to Ponyboy at school and tell him they don’t like people who kill their friends and that’s why they want to beat him up(Hinton). Even though Johnny killed Bob, the “Socs” came to beat Ponyboy up. This is important because it shows how the “Socs” don’t care who they beat up, but only if they are “Greasers” or not. The violence that is given to the”Greasers” in early age shows that it impacts not only their lives, but also how they think about themselves and the …show more content…
The “Socs” frequently find themselves in fights or rumbles where they are being beaten by the “Greasers”. This is not accurate evidence of their struggles because the “Socs” are driving across town just to start the fights. This really shows that the “Greasers” have learned they must stay together to defend themselves. Some say that the “Socs” struggle more in life because they don’t get parental guidance while the poor do because they are the ones who earn the money for their families. This shows that not every rich kid doesn’t get parental guidance. This is important because some rich kids do get guidance, but they just decide to do wrong things which cause them to expose violence to the poor. Furthermore,the poor struggle more than rich in life. The poor or “Greasers” have to worry how to earn money for their families to get them food while the rich or “Socs” have an easy life which makes them not understand how to earn things in life and how to work hard.They also have families who expect a lot of things from

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