Socrates 's Theory Of Virtue Essay

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In this paper I will argue that Socrates’s claim at 96c-d of the Meno that virtue cannot be taught because there are no teachers of virtue is not valid. Specifically, I will show Socrates reasoning and claim as to why there are no teachers of virtue, which means virtue cannot be taught. Then I will demonstrate why Socrates’s reasoning is false due to a missed detail in his argument. I conclude Socrates’s reasoning behind his arguments are mostly logical and sound, however he made the mistake of forgetting to mention an important detail that is detrimental to his argument.
Socrates claims that virtue cannot be taught because there are no teachers of virtue at 96c-d due to various leaps of logic and reason. To explain these reasons, I will start by saying that Meno’s obsession towards virtue being teachable inspired Socrates to examine whether virtue can be taught in terms of a hypothesis. In other words, Meno wants Socrates to find out if virtue can be taught without knowing the definition of virtue. Socrates is able to hypothesize and question if virtue is teachable, then there must be teachers of virtue. Socrates proceeded to ask Anytus of what kind of character or who could be teachers of virtue. Anytus proposed that anyone could teach virtue by saying “Any Athenian gentleman he may meet, if he is willing to be persuaded...I believe that these men have learned from those who were gentlemen before them.”(93a). Socrates then questions virtuous people’s ability to pass down…

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