Socrates Vs. Socrates Opinion Essay

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Curiosity killed the cat is a common cliché alluding to a negative connotation for questioning. However, everyone dies so is questioning really an awful thing? To the Athenians against Socrates, yes, but Socrates opinion is the exact opposite. Things must be questioned , but the intention for questioning is equally as important. This is where people may have been confused with Socrates which lead to his indictment. Indeed, Socrates claim is true and with the right intentions, it has the potential for an individual to gain wisdom and knowledge.
Socrates has gained many slanders and criticisms from the Athenians because he questions authorities and respected business men of Athen to reveal them as ignorant in their expertise. His interrogations destroy the beliefs of those who are being questioned, leaving them frustrated and lost without offering an alternative explanation. Not only does he cause them to question their beliefs, he embarasses them by publicly challenging what the wisdom they think they obtain. His inquisition of others’ creeds and conducts cause the person to feel as if they are being attacked, but that is not the case.
Socrates isn’t interested in attacking the person, but, is interested in exploiting false beliefs. He sees it as his duty to pursue those who think they have wisdom for two reasons: He wants to have wisdom and know of truth because he is wise in the fact that he knows nothing. Thus his curiosity makes him eager to speak with them. The second…

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