Socrates Vs. Socrates On Justice And Injustice Essay

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Imagine a man that always donate clothes and feeds the homeless. This man regularly visits children with terminal illnesses and is one of the largest donors to Susan G. Komen for the Cure non-profit organization. He is viewed by tens of thousands as a saint, heaven sent or a reincarnation of Jesus himself. A just man in the eyes of many, but this man has twisted dark secrets; which involve human trafficking, murder of any competitor and extortion of politicians. The man is an unjust person by nature but is viewed as just. These are the types of argument of Glaucon in comparison to Socrates on justice and injustice. Glaucon makes arguments for injustice and its perks and Socrates’ arguments for justice. An investigation of the nature of justice, Glaucon argument for injustice, along with Socrates arguments for justice and a subjective elaboration on both. Justice is according to, “the quality of being; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness or the moral principle determining just conduct” [3]. Justice is doing the right thing. For instance, reporting a crime or helping someone in need. Glaucon had a slightly different take on justice by calling it the nature of justice. The nature of justice means the ability to do wrong and have no consequence. The worst of justice is a person inability to retaliation against those who commit injustice to them [1]. An example is the guy who did human trafficking of little girls. A saint in the eyes of…

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