Why Socrates Does Not Seem To Fear Death Analysis

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Why Socrates does not seem to fear death
According to Phaedo, it is true that Socrates do not fear death. This is because they believe that, after death they will have a better life with better friends even. He moves on and explains that in future even after death there will be a good life for the individuals who lived well while alive and the vice versa for those who have been wicked up. Socrates does not, in any case, seem to fear death as according to him he believes that true philosophers while alive spend most of their time preparing for death and dying at once, hence this makes it sound so unique if they would be noticed feeling sad when their dying time approaches. According to Socrates death is something which
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This can be compared to the side of an individual who is a non-philosopher as he or she fears death only if there is something which is worse than it. It is evident from research that philosophers do not work on tit for tat as they aim at making sure that what they exchange is guided by wisdom as they advocate for truthiness. It is through this wisdom that they have cleansed the impurities which can be contained within their bodily life hence enabling them to be in a good position for making a good preparation among the gods and for the afterlife which is exalted (Romero, 41). Through this Socrates explains the reason why philosophers do not fear death as they are prepared for it by any means through making sure they remain clean and …show more content…
This is because as discussed by Socrates and Phaedo, individuals who are philosophers in them have a lot of knowledge which helps them in understanding the reason why they should not have the desire for bodily items which are all available in the world and at the end fail to go to heaven as they will have performed evil. It is true that over the time, Socrates lived alone for their own good as they were seeking to understand the excellence that is proper to any given man who is living in accord with it. Knowledge prepares one for death and this can be seen from the work of Socrates. He moved on and unlike other prominent philosophers such as Plato, he did not, in any case, regard the human body as an obstacle to knowledge, but he discusses it as rather the aim of getting knowledge which we would use up in future to prepare for death. Through this knowledge from the given philosophers, Socrates discussed to us the importance of gaining knowledge and understanding why we should not merge our soul and body as through doing this; we would not be in a position to prepare a way for our death. The knowledge which many philosophers have in their brain helps in preparing the way for individuals death as it through this, that, they spend a good amount of time in explaining the right and wrong to the society, the injustice and justice procedures and many more. Through impacting this knowledge to the rest of the community a death

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