Sociology : Theory Of Functional Structure And Gender, Sex, Race And Stratification Within The Group

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Sociology Analysis of Comunidades Unidas

As a student in Sociology 1010, I need to prepare a Final project with the purpose to apply some of the tools that I learned and explore during the course. After a time thinking what is the best choice. I decide explain my participation as a volunteer in a non-profit organization “Comunidades Unidas”. Participate a volunteer is really grateful because I feel that I contribute in a positive way with persons that need help. In the present essay I going to detail a little history about the organization, apply the theory of functional structure to the organization. Additionally, I will explore the characteristic of the group that includes gender, sex, race and stratification within the group.
Comunidades Unidas is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 in Midvale City, UT, focusing on helping the Hispanic Community. In his early days this association didn’t have employees only trained volunteer that visited door-to-door handing out prenatal flyers. During these visits the organization were aware that many families battling with expensive preventive illness or had not visited any doctor upon arrival to the United States. Another limitation that they founded was the lack of information and connection about available resources. Because of this was that they decided to provide important information regarding the services available in the community, additional improve access to the quality health services at the…

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