Essay on Sociology : The Sociological Imagination

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Sociology is “the systematic study of human societies- everyday social life- out thoughts, actions, feelings, decisions, interactions, and so on- is the product of a complex interplay between societal forces and personal characteristics” (p.6). Prior to taking this sociology class I was unaware of how much sociology applied my everyday life and that’s where sociological imagination comes into play. Sociological imagination is the “ability to see the impact of social forces on our private lives” (p.18). People have different views upon life due to their sociological background, meaning where they were raised, ethnicity, background, culture, and family. The factor I will focus on throughout this paper are my status, social experience, and specific views I have on topics and gives a basis on why I believe I view things this way, and my background and geography.
I am a 19-year-old African-American female, from a two parent home with two siblings. I grew up in Charleston, SC, which statistically should put me at a disadvantage according to data charts presented in class. My birth cohorts, the sets of people who were born during the same period of time, are the millennial generation, one of the most diverse cohorts. We are more likely to grow up in nontraditional families, single-parent household, working mothers, be less religious, use social media, and less likely to serve in the military (p.447). Due to being a female I will receive lower pay than my male counterpart, and I…

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