Sociology : A Systematic Study Of Social Life And Human Societies

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Sociology can be explained as the systematic study of social life and human societies. We must also add that sociology does not only consist on collecting data of a social issue, is much more than a list of facts and figures, sociology is above all, an awareness, a way of thinking, analysing and developing a critical understanding of society and social phenomena at different levels and different perspectives. In fact, the word “sociology” comes from the combination of a Latin word “socius” meaning partner or associate and a Greek word “logos” meaning reason or study, a terminology that was first used in 1838 by Auguste Comte (1798-1857), also known as “the father of Sociology”. It is an open discipline, where dogmatism does not fit and theories have to be examined and tested. Sociologists do not study humans as individuals, but as social groups. They focus on things such as how people interact with each other, how relationships are formed and how social processes influence on the way individuals behave, feel and think. Therefore, they are concerned with the study of social institutions like the education system and family and how these relate to one another, such as the influence family may have on how well an individual may perform in school. These social institutions make up society 's social structure. They try to study these by creating knowledge that is factual rather than based on opinions. The study of sociology provides a better understanding of the world we live…

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