Sociological Imagination Enhances Life 's Quality Essay

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Sociological Imagination enhances life’s quality

I developed sociological imagination in my childhood from my experience of growing up in a multiracial family and in different European countries, often travelling to different Nations for vacation time or, in adulthood, for job reasons. It helped me to cope with racism, and gender discrimination. It provided me with conceptual tools to understand that, although different, we are all inter-connected and social structures influence our lives (Manza, 21013.) It made me understand that everyone is valuable. Our identities are forged not only by our personality but also by societal forces, from Nation of birth, to family, schools, churches and groups we choose or find ourselves belonging to (Manza, 2013.) It has been reinforced by my interracial marriage with an American military overseas, of different religion than mine. I was born in a German-Swedish family, mother German, father Swedish. I grew up in Düren, a town between Aachen and Köln, Germany, in the North-Rhine Westphalia. In the weekends, we usually went to Mass in Köln’s catholic Cathedral and sometimes we would proceed shopping in Rotterdam, or Amsterdam, Holland. During summers, we usually had vacation time in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. I was the lonely survived child of five, one of which my twin, because of a genetic familiar cardiological disease, I have a pacemaker but I am here, alive, writing this paper, I was lucky. My parents were both working and sharing home…

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