Family In Sociology

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Family In Sociology, we organize our groups into families. The term “family” is different in other areas and cultures across the world. For instance, here in America most families believe in having one partner, a husband and a wife. In other cultures across the globe, it is more common for men to have more than one wife. This is referred to as polygyny, or women who have more than one husband, which is called polyandry. Here in America it is also more common for a woman to be married before she gives birth, and at that the person she marries would be the father of her child. In some cultures you have to have a child before you get married, and when you do get married the person you marry cannot be the father of the child. Such remarkable variety …show more content…
Meaning, it doesn’t mean exactly what it meant fifty years ago. Decades ago there were men and women leaving for war and would have to kiss their loved ones goodbye, and in most cases it was the last kiss and goodbye they ever got from them; so when they were on their way out the door shouting they loved their family, it was much more meaningful. Nowadays, we have “best friends” who say it every minute to each other but don’t really mean it. We even use technology to replace it for us, like using emoticons with heart eyes to say it rather than saying “ I love you” for ourselves. Falling in love is important when it comes to family. It’s the first step that you do to find your perfect soul mate, my parents tell me all of the time that it was meant to be. They met at their high school reunion, talked a bit, kissed, and the rest is history. That is what I would define as romantic love, a mutual or sexual attraction and idealized feelings towards one another. Right now in America we have one of the highest divorce rates as of today; and I truly believe that is because people either get married too quickly, force love in a relationship when it’s not there, or just marry for the wrong reason like: money, fame, materialistic items …show more content…
Marriage is a group’s approved mating arrangements, usually marked by a ritual of some sort to indicate the couple’s new public status. Sociologist would refer this more as homogamy, which refers to the tendency of people who have similar characteristics to marry one another. These characteristics can be anything from race, wealth, background, religion, or even politics. My parents grew up very old fashioned, meaning their parents were old fashioned and wanted them to marry within their own group. This is known as endogamy, in contrast, norms of exogamy would be considered people who marry outside of their group. An example of exogamy would be an interracial marriage. I for one am dating a black guy, being taught to always try and be more attracted to people of my own group may have been why I chose the other path or maybe not. They always say kids tend to do the opposite of what their parents tell them to do. From 1970 to today interracial marriages have definitely increased more than they ever have. This is of course because with the change of society, technology, and people all together, it is more ‘normal’ to marry another

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