How Does A Community Function?

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“It was approximately 4:30 pm on a friday night. My shift ended at 4 but my partner needed me to serve a warrant with him. What are you supposed to do? He’s my partner and I wasn’t about to let him go out alone not have someone have his back. We begin heading to the location where that subject was staying.” “The guy we are looking for is a head case, he’s been know to run when law enforcement tries to bring him in and he also has a prior record with misusing pharmaceutical drugs so he could be very aggressive.” “We show up at the defendant 's house shortly after he reads what we are dealing with. The guys…. i 'm not sure you could call it a house. It was an old plantation looking house that he had moved into after after it had been vacant for …show more content…
The community operates by the togetherness of the people in the community. If the community feels safe the people are doing their job. The local law enforcement feel safe in our community but sometimes they feel like the community are out to get them. The most important thing the people can do is to do their part and obey the law. Meaning don’t do anything to make the officers come searching for you or just take responsibility for your actions. The world would be a much safe place if everyone did their part if they were mature and responsible. ( interview) …show more content…
“I love that community is constantly changing, the people that will do anything to keep the good people safe, and the friendly people that are here.” What is your favorite thing about your job? “ You get to be out in the community, taking to the people and keeping the community safe.” Finally what is your least favorite thing about your job? “The constant battle with trying to help people that don 't want to help themselves. The constant ridiculing by the people in the world saying that the law enforcement aren’t doing their jobs. These quotes are all from the Sheriff of Orange County Josh Babcock who has seen the communities changes in the 21 years of his career. The best way to help the law enforcement officers is to do right, take responsibility, and respect the law. (interview and John

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