Society And Religions Influence Each Other Essay

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Society and religions influence each other. Religious organizations may be affected as they progressively adopt the worldview of society through the method of secularization, whereas society can be affected as religious supporters act out their religious belief or faith systems in the world (Chaves, 1994: 750-751). Various religions teach about social justice, social responsibility, and human rights, and their believers are most likely to go out and put their faith into practice. Religion place a big role in our society and has the potential to develop and improve those that are touched. Our country needs the word of God in order to lift the people of South Africa’s spirits which will evidently improve their mind set and actions. We as a human race need some to guide us, and God is the perfect leader for it. It is important for our countries leaders and communities to carry the word of religion with them in order to lift those around them

Religion is not just a typical variable or function amongst other variables: it establishes the root from which the diverse branches of life sprout, develop/grow and flourish. From this perspective, religion is of integral importance. I believe that it concerns the root of human existence and incorporates human life into a coherent whole.

Impact of religious institutions on change and transformation.

Religion, too, can effect society to right what it sees as social inequalities in the secular world and assist in bringing them in line…

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