Socialization Is The Process Of Learning Cultures Essay

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Socialization is the process of learning cultures in order to be able to function within a society. It shows someone who and how to be by learning about the different values, beliefs, traditions, and identities found within a society. When someone socializes with another person in the world, they are teaching them how to fit in and grow within their society. Another way to describe people who teach you how to thrive within a culture are known as agents of socialization. There are four major agents that contribute to shaping our behaviors and values. The agents include; family, school, peers, and media. The family is the biggest factor because of how much of a role it plays in the early years of your life. The school a big factor because of how many different interactions and cultures you partake in. Your peers are people you normally interact with whom serve as your equal in a society. Finally, the media is the collective of societies with various levels of status and cultures put into one.
The agents of socialization have molded and shaped me throughout my life in various ways. My family was the first agent that I was exposed to which caused my families values, beliefs, and traditions to influence me to create my own identity and be able to have a basis in how to act and behave. As I reached the age to begin school I was exposed to a numerous amount of different cultures and backgrounds that further rubbed off and began to change how I functioned in the social world. For…

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