Socialism And Capitalism And Socialism Essay

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There are many varying definitions for socialism and capitalism, and many changes in each through the course of human events. Socialism today is seen as a synonym for communism while capitalism is seen as either evil or the only viable option available to us. In actuality, most existing governments use characteristics of both. Socialism and capitalism each have their pros and cons, as well as complex histories and ideals or goals to achieve.
History of Socialism
To start, socialism is simply defined as a social and economic system in which there is common ownership of all means of productions, and in turn an equal distribution of the goods and services produced. Socialism has been around since at least as early as the nineteenth century, but similar ideas that essentially make up socialism have been theorized since fifth century BCE. In a slightly post-ancient Greece, the well-known philosopher Plato was unhappy with the democracy that was in Athens. He instead favored its rival Sparta, and used it as the beginning of the perfect society he imagined. His society consisted of an upper-class group called ‘guardians’, who did not have their own property or wives or children, but instead shared everything. There was a lower class that got to live normal lives, but with absolutely no say in the running of the government. There was, however, equal opportunity for the women and the men of this class which was extremely uncommon then and until much later on. His contributions…

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