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Political Factors
Political factors includes government regulations and legal issues defines both formal and informal rules under which firm operates some example like tax policy, trade restrictions and tariffs, political stability. Political arena has huge influence up on the regulations of business and the spending power of consumers and other business. Over many years the pharmaceuticals industry has increased political attentions because of increase in recognitions of the economic important of healthcare as a component of social welfare . It takes 10-15 years on average to experiment drug to travel from lab to patient consumption, as patent protection is fixed that is only 20 years but companies has to spend 15 years on experiments by
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Economic Factors
Economic factors affect the purchasing power of potential customers and the firms cost of capital examples like economic growth, interest rates and exchange rates. The government price control is a major challenge to the industry in the form of parallel trade. Parallel trade is nothing but free movement of the product across the Europe with out any trade barriers which will affect the local manufacture because the distributor will buy drugs in low price markets and export them to high price markets example buying the product from manufacture in Poland and exporting them to Ireland. The exchange rates and currency problem is also one of the major issue for example Canada has inflexible pricing and reimbursement criteria, where USA does not have price controls as a results the price drug in America is high compare to Canada which leads to damage of brand image in consumers mind for example price of Lipitor is 3.20/pill in USA where in Canada which is 1.89/pill for same drug. Not only this, the growth of pharmaceutical market is aligned with GDP growth. As R&D productivity is declined and development times were lengthened, as clinical trials are becoming more complex and costly there was sharp rise in R&D expenditure.

Social factors includes the demographic and cultural aspects of the external macro environment these factors effects customers needs and the size of potential markets, some social

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