Essay Social Structure Theory And Cultural Conflict Theory

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It’s 3 O’Clock in the morning and you are found with no other choice but, to wander up and down the empty streets of Broad street in Philadelphia hoping that you would come into contact with someone so that you are able to rob them praying that they have anything on them giving you the chance to survive another day just so that you can put a meal on the table not only for yourself but, also your family as well. Imagine living in a world where the place you were brought up into determining who you are going to become as you grow older in age. Living in a situation where you had no way to build yourself up, prosper and also, strive to become the best person you know that you are capable of being.
Introducing, the structure theory which is broken up into three major categories of social structure that consist of social disorganization theory, strain theory and, cultural conflict theory. Social structure theories were first introduced by Emile Durkheim around the time period 1858-1917 in which “each social structure has a function, by analogy with a living organism whose interrelated parts contribute to the organism’s survival” (Jackson131). Someone’s survival is not always the same as the next person’s in fact, it can range from their religion (God) being the reason why they want to do better or even their family considering they may have children at home that depend on them not only for survival but, also to help guide them in the right direction. However, some people are…

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