How Did The Industrial Revolution Change America

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The Industrial Revolution greatly affected many different areas around the world. While the Americas and Europe were the first nations to come about an Industrial Revolution, many other countries soon followed their model. Regardless of the time in which the nation underwent their Industrial Revolution, each nation was transformed economically, socially, and politically. During the Industrial Revolution, many economic activities in American and European communities moved from agriculture to manufacturing. This shift from traditional work locations such as the home and small workshop to factories in the cities caused widespread urbanization throughout the nations. The development of factories combined with the introduction of innovative machinery enabled companies to increase their production exponentially. Although the overall amount of goods and services expanded greatly, the companies still were unable to keep up with the demand thus forcing the traders to find ways to produce goods in greater quantities at a lower cost. Not only did this allow companies to keep up with the demand of products, it also allowed for more people to buy the product due to the low production cost. This allowed people from other nonindustrial countries to import highly desired goods for lower costs, in turn satisfying the wants of …show more content…
The trade pushed companies to produce goods in larger quantities, thus quickly advancing the innovative machinery in the factories to meet trade needs. Not only was the production of goods improved, the transportation of goods was improved as well. The introduction of the railroad and steam locomotive allowed for faster transportation of goods, ultimately satisfying consumers even more. The growth in trade in the Atlantic and Indian oceans brought about the Industrial Revolution bringing about economic, social, and political transformation for many

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