Social Sciences And The Social Science Essay

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ABSTRACT: (1) The social sciences make use of scientific method, experimental repetition, and peer review to help account for the complexity of their subject matter. (2) The scientific method helps organize research and form testable claims about subject mater. (3) Experimental repetition helps ensure findings in an experiment are attributable in other cases (or at least, to what degree). (4) Peer review helps preserve soundness of method in interpreting and handling of data. (5) All of these aid the social scientist in dealing with their subject; and whatever the social phenomena.
Given that the social sciences encounter a variety of challenges in making objective claims of social behavior (where the natural scientist, studying different material, does not) social scientists must rigorously and repetitively apply the scientific method, as well as take collaborative approaches to reviewing and assessing any findings. In short, the social sciences account for the complexity of its subject matter through rigorous application of scientific method, repetition of experiment, and peer review. --------------------------------The social sciences must make use of scientifc method when studying their particular subject matter. It is crucial for social scientists to not only be able to posit questions or hypotheses of the social phenomena they observe, but also, to methodically investigate that phenomena. When it comes to the study of social…

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