Environmentalism: Social Responsibility For The Environment

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Social responsibility in ethics is defined as, “an ethical theory, in which individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty and that the actions of the individual must benefit the whole of society.” The environmental spectrum is made up of four shades, bright green, light green, dark green, and gray. Each shade has a different viewpoint and some shades share a similar viewpoint. Many shades can be difficult to understand, but i know that one shade i understand clearly is light green.

If i were to assume responsibility for the environment, i would participate in the light shade of green group. The light green shade of environmentalism focuses on the private actions of individuals. Such actions include, choosing to use reusable
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The dark shade claims that existing civilization is damaging to the environment and cannot become sustainable without massive systemic changes. Many also believe individuals should return back to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. For many years, because of the amount of hungry individuals it has caused our species population to lower. Due to the amount of harmful chemicals and garbage littered, our environment has become polluted. In this shade the individuals only focus on the bad that civilization does to the environment, and not the good. Yes, our species population has lowered, and yes we are responsible for most pollution but we have done some good. Humanity has brought medical care to help injured species be able to return to their environment. Most citizens care for wildlife and does its best to protect all species being hunted or harmed. Civilization has done a lot for our environment and not all has been bad. All individuals are different, nobody is exactly similar. Everybody holds a different viewpoint, and have the right to share that viewpoint with others as well as believe in it. I believe in saving the environment and that civilization helps it, while others believe civilization is damaging it. Even though the dark shade viewpoint is not the one i believe in, i am still able to learn from it. I learned how civilization could be damaging the environment in some ways and that all …show more content…
Littering damages our environment, goes into the homes of our species and causes health issues, some leading to death. I will follow this step because of the amount of love i have for our wildlife in my heart. I want to save everything in the environment and it is not a hard action for other individuals to do. It just takes a simple choice of where to put garbage, and if everybody made the correct choice we could see an improvement in our

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