Essay on Social Problem Of Crime And Crime

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Social problems define to be what “persons are currently concerned about, what they claim something should be done about, what people find undesirable and in need of eradication”. (Hester and Eglin 1992, p.2) However, sociological problems are those which encourage sociological inquisition. Sociological problems offer a base for sociological thinking and questioning. Therefore, this interest in crime is sociological as it is not prioritised to try and solve it. (Hester and Eglin 1992) Criminology, in its narrow sense, is concerned with the study of the phenomenon of crime and of the factors or circumstances . . . which may have an influence on or be associated with criminal behaviour and the state of crime in general. But this does not and should not exhaust the whole subject matter of criminology. There remains the vitally important problem of combating crime . . . To rob it of this practical function, is to divorce criminology from reality and render it sterile.
(Spector and Kitsuse 1887, p75-76, cited in Hester and Eglin 1992, p.1) Different sociologists have different views on whether or not sociologists should attempt to combat crime. Sociologists who agree that it is their place to combat crime, such as Durkheim and Merton, believe that crime is needed in society in order for it to function correctly. Sociologists such as Durkheim and Merton are known as functionalists.
“Functionalist theories see crime and deviance resulting from structural tensions and a lack of…

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