Social Problem From The Perspective Of Sociological Perspective

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In order to analyze a social problem from the perspective of sociological, we must first understand what the sociological perspective is defined as. Leon-Guerrero (2013) states that someone using the sociological perspective observes a problem and the solution, however they do not look at it as an individual issue, better yet an issue that effect the social structures in our society. (p. 6). The sociological perspective differs from other perspectives such as policy-oriented, psychological, or criminal justice viewpoint, as sociology focuses on social phenomena. Psychological looks at individual perspectives on matters and the criminal justice viewpoint examines the nature, management, consequences, and prevention of criminal behavior. While each perspective is important in its own relative environment, we are going to explore the sociological approach toward social problems. In some cases the problems are weighed differently depending on how society views issue, such as the recent outrage in society over police brutality and the Ebola virus. These issues have streamlined past healthcare reform, lack of school funding and unemployment rates, because of public perception. In this paper we will examine the social phenomena of HIV/AIDs on United States society and corrective measures currently being taken to address HIV/AIDs. HIV/AIDs infection represents one of the most grave public health problems, categorized as a global outbreak with rapid distribution and growth. Under…

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