social polarisation Essay

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Social Polarization in Latin America and the Carribean
Social polarisation is the widening gap within a given society that emerges from income disparities within individuals causing various social groups, from high income to low income. It entails the expansion of jobs that require low skills while at the same time, jobs that require higher professionals and expertise still experience growth. There is a rising concern on issues of social polarisation and cohesion that stem from the observation that in many countries, societies maybe separating out into different groups. That concern is quite relevant in the Carribean and in Latin America, a region that records high levels of inequality and an
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Since the Olympics will take place in Brazil in 2016, the Brazilian government hopes that the police will occupy more favelas.
The pacification process has been a big step for the Brazilian government after several decades of horrific battles between the police and the drug traffickers. Although over a hundred people have had their liberation from the gangs, drug abuse continues in the favelas. The authorities' main aim is to rescue slum dwellers from the control of the drug dealers who operate in gangs rather than to completely stop drug trafficking. The government's priority is to break down the paradigms of territories that the dangerous traffickers control with their war weapons (Fausto Carlos 12). The authorities hope that citizens will be able to walk in and out of a favela as they please and that they can access both private and public services whenever the need arises. Polls have shown that most of the slum dwellers are happy with the pacification units, though there have been reports of discontent about abusive police searches. The pacification unit's mission is to maintain control of the favelas once they do away with the local drug trade.
In your opinion, will the pacification project have a long lasting positive effect? Explain your answer. (6 points)
According to statistics, the pacification process has positive effects in the favelas since the numbers relating to violence have gone down. There are also troubling effects like

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