Social Performance, Part 1 Essay

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Assignment 1: Social Performance, Part 1
Strayer University
Instructor Dr. Kenneth Elliott
Business and Society – BUS 475
January 30, 2013

Describe your company and analyze the various primary and secondary stakeholder groups, their roles, and relationships.

My company is medium-sized debt collection company named Evergreen Portfolio Management (EPM). The organization has several areas of specialty that focus on buying debt portfolios in bulk from first party creditors as well as acts as a servicer for larger companies and municipalities who may be unable to devote staff to collection efforts of default clients. The stigma of debt collection is not lost on the me as the CEO so I have decided to rebrand the company to align
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The relationship folds back into the company because after benefiting from increased cash available to consumers, the merchants and lending institutions may end up retaining our services to collect on the default accounts of the consumers if they are unable to make repayment of their debt.
Recommend ways the stakeholders can influence the destiny of your business.
Creditors influence the company by choosing whether or not to contract EPM to service their default accounts. If they decided to keep all their collection accounts in-house, there would be no use for our company. Debtors level of impact is also significant because they provide the revenue for the company by paying on the debt they created. They could make our job significantly harder and make the earnings of the company far less profitable by refusing to make arrangements and making the company go through legal channels to collect; making it far more expensive for us to operate. Stockholders are often the saving grace of the company because they evoke the confidence necessary to stir interest in other investors to willingly put money into our company which is in turn used to keep operations flowing smoothly on slow and fast collection days. Employees are the backbone of the entire organization. They offer the primary means of revenue for the company by thoroughly working each account until they are able to determine whether or not

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