Social Organized Crime Perspective Essay

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Social Organized Crime Perspective One’s background, family, neighborhood, associates, and desire for money are reasons why one might become part of organized crime. Social institution will be defined and examine for its relationship to organized crime. Theories have been developed as to why there is organized crime. This paper will take a look at some of these theories and how they apply to organized crime and criminal behavior.
Social Institution Social institution is a group of individuals joining or working together to obtain a common goal. These social organizations could be churches, schools, factories, and non-profit organizations. Organized crime can be looked at as a social organization due to the fact that in
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A person could decide to commit a crime because they really do not have a choice. Their life or their family’s life could be threatened. When it comes to organized crime a member or a member of the community usually does not have the right to refuse the request. The rational choice theory pertains more to choices of a person not involved in organized crime because they can make a choice without any repercussions.
Differential Association Theory Differential Association Theory believes a person learns the criminal behavior from their associates, acquires it from communicating with others, learns techniques of committing crime as well as the attitude that goes with it, and an expression of needs and values (Lyman, 2007). A person learns the tricks of the trade for committing crimes by hanging out with a member of a gang. As they are learning the techniques, they begin to act and take on the attitudes of the group. The person no longer acts the same as they did prior to becoming a friend to the members of the gang.
Enterprise Theory The enterprise theory explains organized crime as coming about because legal businesses cannot keep up with the demands of goods and services from the community. The law of supply and demand is used by organized crime to control the market so they can set the price and make more money. This organization could end up being the only supplier; thus, giving the

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