Social Media And The Most Modern Way Of Communication Essay

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Is social media the most modern way of communication? Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue. Social media gives the users an opportunity to socialize and communicate with each other mutually as compared to other regular media that offers one-way communication such as newspaper and television. This use of technology has enabled social media become efficient than any other form of communication. Therefore, can we out rightly say that social media has enhanced and improved our interpersonal relationship among one another?
Thesis statement: Social media is the most reliable and available way of communication today which promotes interpersonal relationships in the society.
First premise: Social media has become a way for people to stay engaged through interpersonal relationships by allowing people to stay in contact with one another, through different platforms that social media offers (Chambers, 2013). For instance, Twitter, Skype, and Facebook. Millions of people are able to share videos, photos, articles and even social activities. The users are also able to have millions of followers who are able to access these contents. The blogs have become one of the best platforms where users heavily interact and share on ideas. The users can even vote and comment on other people 's articles. Facebook allows the users to have friends, follow prominent and famous people as well as create groups with people whom the…

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