Essay on Social Media And Its Effects On Society

1267 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
In the media, we find that there is a stigma that revolves around pre-marital sex and the concept of virginity. Through various forms of social media, such as Facebook, there are many posts concerning a multitude of heated controversial topics ranging from abortion, war, and immigration. There are also many posts from religious advocates that disdain sinners by shaming natural processes of life such as sex and frowning upon different sexualities. Obviously, these people are perhaps a bit more radical in campaigning for what they believe in. do not account for all religious individuals so it would be unfair to stereotype them. Behind the walls of social media and the internet also reside many liberals and advocates for equality and ending various forms of discrimination. In recent times, there have been many splurges of Feminist thought that expose the idea of “slut-shaming” and enlightening their audiences with methods to eradicate it from society. For example, the notorious “Free the Nipple” campaign as well as many people who are “Pro-choice” for abortion. All in all, what we observe on the media ultimately rests on the high end of the spectrum between conservatism and liberalism. What I observed through the results of my interviews is that my answers could be in the middle of this spectrum and that there were very few cases where someone lied at the end of either pole. One of the major patterns and themes that I found throughout my interviews is that the respondents in…

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