Social Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Financial struggles may also influence the ways people perceive teens today and even the ways teens perceive themselves. With teens being so focused on the newest technology and the latest fashion trends, some may feel like an outcast for not being able to compete socially with “hand-me-down” clothing, or an old flip phone . When someone posts on social media about receiving the newest iPhone, or the newest fashion trend that there family cannot afford, it causes a teen to feel a sense of inadequacy and impacts added stress due to the financial constructs of their family. This primarily linked to financial stress and not being able to provide for someone else who not having someone provide for you, this may put a teenager at a disadvantage. Social disadvantages occur in any situation, whether it is an actual event or just a perceived threat, this is proven to be directly related to race, ethnicity, or social economic status. Some stressors could be closely tied to social disadvantages in an urban environment which may include violence, drug use, and poor living environments, all of which can contribute to the negative development of the adolescents living in these areas. Today, teens always seem to be involved in a social environment, with smart phones, instant messaging and social networking. The social environment of the school has become more relevant at home. This means the social problems of teens follow them home, causing mental stress when they should be…

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