Social Media And Its Effect On Society Essay

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On September 7th, 1927 Philo Farnsworth and his partner Charles Francis Jenkins gave birth to the first television. Their work was so remarkable, that it has hindered world history to the extent that just after decades, over a billion people have access to a television set in their homes. Now the question emerges what is the significance of television? And what makes it so mesmerizing to the majority? Is it the crisp clear high definition realistic picture that makes us hypnotized to that cubed box sitting in our living room? No, then what is it? It must be the fine workmanship done on the piece of divine art? No, its reign is based on social roles. It is about the family value that comes along with it, and viewing the box in the convenience of our own home. It can also be determined that social media plays a role in it as well. It is the critics that makes us crave over TV shows or movies with their exaggerated statements and reviews that entices to watch television with our hungry eyes full of desperation for a cheap source of entertainment. Furthermore we should have a better understanding of how television obtains its popularity from the preceding information. Onward another question comes to mind, what is the importance of television? Well the importance isn’t as simple as the statement “Well it important because it’s entertaining” No, but it does have a factor in it. Television is important both socially and politically. It is a way for the people to be informed of…

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