Social Issues That Have Been Influenced By The Design Of Subdivisions

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Steven Ross
Dr. Dalton
Weekly Response Paper 9/15/16
1.There are many social issues that have been influenced by the design of subdivisions. But, it really affects the 80 million Americans who are either too young, too old, or too poor to drive. However, the author says, that there is difficulty to identify a segment of the population that does not suffer in some way from the lifestyle imposed by contemporary suburban development. The list includes, children losing their autonomy, mothers derailing careers for their children, teenagers and adolescents bored and frustrated, elderly unable to move freely about neighborhood and town, commuters are weary, Municipalities are going bankrupt, and Poor having no mobility. The subdivisions have influenced these issues due to the fact that they were poorly designed.
The reasoning behind the poor design, is that these communities were designed around the car and not the pedestrians, which would actually make the community safer because then it would allow for people to have better mobility and give them and outlet for frustration and boredom that is more commonly found in teenagers, but it can also be found amongst adults and children too. However, they tend to hide it better. Yes, I do agree with the author, because as these subdivisions have gotten more and more violent and less safe, the sprawl has gotten worse and people are starting to spread out more into the countryside.

2. The eight steps of regional planning are…

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