Social Intercourse Between The Natives And Euro Americans Essay

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Final #3

In “Molly Has Her Say” Margaret Bruchac uses a twenty-something female character who is a graduate student. Molly meets the requirement for the play to deliver the desired message which is the social intercourse between the Natives and Euro-Americans. Masterfully, Bruchac incorporates dialect to be part of the play. While reading or narrating the story behind the drama, Molly speaks does not talk in standard American English. A technique that differs from other plays in this anthology. Such as “The Woman Who Was a Red Deer Dressed for the Deer Dance” This is important since the playwright wants to differentiate her player, a Native American, from the audience, mainly non-native American.

The dichotomy plays a function of separation ad yet of identity. Molly represents those Native Americans whose history have been diluted in the Euro-American culture. The latter despises, at least in the context of the play, the Native American culture. There is a sense of educating and re-stating a strong identity connection with the bases from which young intellectual tend to fall in love with creed, belief and traditions that do not represent them. More importantly, the playwright wants to accomplish a modest incorporation of her art into a larger audience than she may be able to have access to in the reservations.

Furthermore, voice is an advantage not present in written poetry or storytelling. As Bruchac puts it, “as long as one person is alive to…

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