Social Interactions And Development Of Children Essay

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2. Social Interactions/Development
With children between the ages of zero years and two years, there are numerous amounts of developmental changes that happened in between that time span. While observing the toddlers in lab one, ages zero years to two years old, I witnessed multiple kinds of developmental changes. These children also encountered many people. In the lab, I seen multiple toddlers showing different signs of social development. Some of the toddlers were talking the whole time I was there and some of the toddlers didn’t speak not one word while I was observing. The job of interacting with the toddlers was not a hard job for the teachers because there were not as many toddlers. A male born 06/03/15, would always yell to get the attention of the teachers in the room. He interacted with every teacher that was in the classroom during the first day I observed. He also played a lot. He performed a variety of different types of play. Mostly interacting with the teachers, the male born 06/03/15 showed exploratory and symbolic types of play. An example of exploratory play is when a child uses mathematical concepts to figure something out (Steinberg, Bornstein, Vandell, & Rock, 2011). That’s exactly what the male born on 06/03/15 was doing, he was matching the block in the correct spaces based on the size and shape of the block. With symbolic play, a child would take and object and use it in a way other than what it was made for (Baltimore, D., HD FS 102 lecture, 2016,…

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