Social Interaction Between Social And Cultural Elements Essay

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Sociocultural is defined the combination or relationship between social and cultural elements or factors (, 2014). It is the basis in society and culture in which we live, learn and develop as a whole and how we can contribute and affect differences among individuals. Growing up these days, the environment plays a vital role in the way that we develop as a whole. It aids in our understanding interacting with features that makes us an individual. As a child, forming social connections and networks between people creates a series of interlocking relationships between individuals and groups. These social interactions encourage peer acceptance
Having a sense of exclusion and acceptance are a key factor within a strong based community. Having been raised in a small town, I know firsthand what it 's like to value the networking that is within a community. The opportunity that is offered by my CSL provides students from diverse groups with the valuable education enabling them equality and equal opportunity. Growing up, it was evident to me that education was not a key factor in a child 's life. It wasn 't so much the work but the lack of motivation that students showed. This two was evident whilst taking place in community service. On Track in Bendigo was determined to provide adult learners and disadvantaged youth with the opportunity to further their education, enhance their employability skills and create strong relationships with other learners within the…

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