Social Intelligence and Life Skills Essay

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RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE AND LIFE SKILLS OF SECONDARY TEACHER EDUCATION STUDENTS The process of education is considered so important in our society. It has become an integral part of our lives in the twenty first century with a special focus on life skills. As we are living in a society in which special skills, in particular, social abilities are needed to build and to maintain the community. People have evolved special competencies to allow them to survive and to reproduce. As society becomes more and more complex, its intellectual competence becomes more sophisticated. Their competence is the social intelligence and can be defined as intelligence that lies behind one’s group interactions and behaviours. This …show more content…
Social intelligence is the ability to understand and manage men and women, boys and girls to act wisely in human relations. Those people, who have social intelligence, may like to interact more and more and create good outstanding skills. They are likely to take part in group discussions; project works team learning and may set up interview, form questionnaires and similar activities. They may lead to develop ideas and may learn more and more from other people, who are eminent in their own respective roles. Social intelligence and life skills seem to be topics of utmost significance. The various dimensions considered under social intelligence deems fit to be analysed as they are positively related to one’s life skills as well as it is directly related to our scores in these tests. Recognition of social environment and sensitivity fosters one’s inquisitiveness which in turn accelerates one’s skills in life. Co-operativeness and confidence level also are positive correlates in one’s Life skills. Thus, social intelligence and life skills are inherently related and help in one’s social adjustment.
As teaching is a complex and many sided task which demands a variety of human traits and ability, the ability to understand, to communicate, to inspire and motivate the students, create patience, enthusiasm, friendliness, good personality, high moral character, intelligence, caring, sense of humour and

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