Social Institutions Of Family And Education Essay

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This sociological inquiry aims to understand the lives of individuals within the greater context of their societal environments. In this we examine the social institutions of family and education as agencies of socialisation that directly impact the life courses of individuals. This essay will focus on the early influence of these bodies and how they impacted Paul’s view of himself, in comparison to his Private school counterparts, John, Andrew and Charles.
One aspect of the documentary questions how much of the man is visible in the seven year old boy. To do this, participants are prompted to reflect both on the courses of their lives to date, and on their views of education and family life. C. Wright Mills suggests that the everyday man is falsely conscious of their social position. Thus, the sociological imagination questions the validity of ones answer as being the absolute truth of their circumstance. It’s therefore necessary to understand the context in which participants have shaped their views of society.
The family is an individual’s first point of social contact; through social conditioning they learn the shared rules of society. Our parents are the initial scribe of what becomes our social script; this determines our future interactions with larger social institutions. When asked, Paul deems himself a reflection of his seven year old self, stating that it was “pretty obvious” he wasn’t going to be a doctor. Whilst this may be a reasonable assumption, it fails to…

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