Social Inequality Essay

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Social Inequality

What is social inequality? What are the sources of social inequality? For me, social inequality cannot be described in one sentence. Factors such as race, wealth, class, gender, age, among others all play roles into why people can sometimes be treated unfairly. However before I introspectively reflect on social inequality, there is one theory that suggests where today’s society is heading for me. Karl Marx is known as a prominent economic and political influence that lived during the 19th century. Marx’s theory of stratification is very applicable to where society, especially in the United States, is heading today. According to Marx, society would become divided into two classes, the dominant capitalist or the
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However this doesn’t mean society should reject them or look down at impoverished people. Not everyone in poverty put himself or herself there. Some people were born into it and never had the opportunity to get out. Ideally we would do the opposite and help them get back on their feet. With that said there is a fine line between people taking advantage of aid and using it effectively. The chain is only as strong as the weakest link. To close this economic gap we have and to end economic turmoil, the key is helping the lower class. That’s just my opinion, but I guess we will see how the Obama administration handles these next 4 years. Despite having the 1st African American president ever elected 4 years ago, race still plays a role in social inequality. Although race doesn’t play as big of a role as it has in the past or as money does today it still needs to be addressed. According to an article on, “blacks remain twice as likely to be unemployed, three times more likely to live in poverty and more than six times as likely to be imprisoned compared with whites, according to the group's annual State of Black America report.” Those statistics are staggering. However I think they may be skewed due to the prevalence of racism in the southern states. Living in Massachusetts, I have never seen an act of genuine racism, but I know that African Americans are treated differently in other states. Predominantly though I think that

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