Essay on Social Entrepreneurship

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When I was a kid, I could have been what people would now call a social entrepreneur or

socialpreneur. A lot of people would have fallen into this category. To help your school or

church or youth group, you may have sold chocolate bars door-to-door. People bought them,

even if they didn't like chocolate; because they knew the money would go to support a

worthy cause. Both the seller and purchaser are examples of social consciousness in action.

Now my own children, bring home their school fundraisers from school and we too buy the

over priced products, not because they are great products, but because it supports their

school, a good cause. Today's socially conscious entrepreneurs,
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From this perspective, social

entrepreneurship at its best produces small changes in the short term that reverberate through

existing systems to catalyze large changes in the longer term. No longer do we sit passively

by ignoring the cancerous infection of global poverty and human injustice. Social

Entrepreneurs are courageously creating change through innovative social ventures. Every

social venture is a social mission driven organizations which exchange goods or services for a

social purpose. I found myself quite intrigued by the whole Teach For America organization

and it’s founder. Wendy Kopp. She personifies social entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

She saw how children growing up in low income communities did not have the same

educational opportunities as children who grew up in better communities had, so she

founded, Teach For America. Their mission is to eliminate the educational inequality. The

foundation has literally become a force for fundamental change in education and has helped

millions of students. Because of the impact, her foundation has made on countless lives,

Wendy has won numerous awards including, the Jefferson Award for Public Service (1991),

The Kilby Young Innovator Award (1991), Aetna's Voice Conscience Award (1994), and

The Citizen Activist Award from

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