Social Entrepreneurship Through Forest Bio Residue Briquetting

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Social entrepreneurship through forest bio residue briquetting

Contents 1. The social problem and the opportunity 4 2. Mission, vision and values 7 3. Our solution (strategy and business model) 9 4. The entrepreneurial team 15 5. Human resources 16 6. Context 18 7. Scaling strategy 20 8. Impact measurement 22 9. Risks 25 10. Financial Plan 28 Bibliography 29

Figure 1. Exposure of the population to natural disasters 4 Figure 2. Lean canvas 8 Figure 3. Manually operated briquetting machine 11 Figure 4. Crushing option 12

0. Business plan summary
This section should briefly present the main ideas of the following sections and thus should resemble an elevator speech. Accordingly, it has to
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In Europe, Moldova and Romania are facing the worst situation: Moldova’s GDP per capita being $ 3,110 per year and Romania’s GDP per capita $ 14,287 per year as compared to GDP per capita in Germany - $37.260 per year.
Qatar is the state with the lowest risk of natural disasters around the world, ranking 173. The report designated Vanuatu as the country with the highest risk of natural disasters. The small island nation in the Pacific Ocean is frequently hit by cyclones and is extremely vulnerable to climate change effects.
The effects of climate change in Romania are becoming more obvious due to the recent phenomena, affecting the safety of the population and national economy. Hundreds of hectares of pasture and forest fund were swallowed by flames caused in most of the cases by high temperatures.
Dry vegetation and forest wildfires constituted a serious problem in Romania in 2012. More than 950 hectares of forest and vegetation were affected according to General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.
Among the counties hardly hurt by forest fires we can mention Maramures were the firefighters help was required 25 times during 24 hours: one on the interventions was situated nearby Creasta Cocosului Peak and 4 hectares of dry vegetation and 0.4 hectares of deciduous forest litter were affected. (Actualmm, 2012) Baia Mare suffered losses of 80 Hectares in August 2012 after two forest fires burst.
There were also other

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