Social Effects Of The Age Of Exploration

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“God, Gold and Glory” This is what the Age of Exploration is all about. The Age of Exploration had more impact on World History. The era involved discovery, new technology, religion and the desire for wealth. When the Europeans explored Asia, it resulted in a meeting of different cultures. The Europeans also were able to explore far away lands with their improvements on their navigation tools. Finally, the Commercial Revolution from the colonial empires in America, combined with the overseas trade, promoted more wealth for the Europeans. Supporters of this topic believe that when the Europeans explored Asia, it resulted in a meeting of different cultures. The Europeans only wanted one thing from Asia: the trade of spices and other luxury goods. They wanted a profitable business in Europe involving the trade to and from Asia.”The people of Europe had been introduced to these items during the Crusades… After the Crusades ended, Europeans continued to demand such spices as Nutmeg,Cinnamon, and …show more content…
“Having far-reaching political,economic, and social effects, the Reformation became the basis for the founding of Protestantism,one of the three major branches in Christianity”(Britannica,1). Two of its greatest leaders were Martin Luther and John Calvin.Through Luther’s actions and words, he started the movement that reformed certain basic ideas of Christian belief and resulted in the division of Western Christendom between Roman Catholicism and his own, Lutheranism. In France, Calvin was the leading reformer;his interpretation of Christianity and the social patterns he worked out greatly contributed with his own,Calvinism.These two leaders of the Protestant Reformation is widely known to have a major impact on the reformation and Christianity. The Reformation also greatly affect the modern views on laws and politics. Prior to the reformation, the monarchy controlled the

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