Social Disadvantages Of An Effective Learner Essay example

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Social disadvantages can be worsened or mitigated by what schools and other learning settings do (Ewing, 2013). Too often do educators and schools; have low expectations of children from low socio-economic (SES) backgrounds, make excuses for underachievement, blame the background of the student, see children as incapable, as having problems rather than take a strength-based approach, Staff low-SES schools with less qualified and experienced teachers, fail to use the child’s background, skills, experiences and interests (Gobby. B, 2016). These ideologies all contribute to the downfall of a child’s educational outcome. Instead, teachers need to develop relationships in which trust, flexibility, and concern for students as individuals are evident. These will increase the child’s self-esteem, self-efficacy, pride, and self-confidence, which are all important starting points for becoming an effective learner (Ewing, 2013). Ewing (2013) also emphasize that quality teaching and learning practices, should focus on elements of narrative and connecting real-world experiences so that some of the alienation experienced by many disadvantaged students can be reduced. The importance of engaging all students in the learning process cannot be understated in turning the current situation around. Guthrie 's (2004) research demonstrates unequivocally that low income and low education background children who were highly engaged readers substantially outscored students who came from more…

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