Social Contract : An Integral Part Of Society Essay

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All of us are an integral part of Society. The word "society" is derived from the French word societe which came from Latin word societas meaning "a friendly association with others '. (Oak, 2015). It is difficult for human beings to survive without being associated with society. Common needs, survival instincts, feeling safe are some of the very basic primitive human necessities, and hence humans come together to form society. A society is a group of individuals who share common cultural and social background. (2016) states that all rational being should adhere to an agreement called social contract to secure mutual benefits or to regulate the relations among each other
Social Contract
Social contract theory pinpoints a need to abide by certain non-negotiable ethical core values which form the foundations of any society. Ethical code values listed in modern codes of business includes:
• Responsibility
• Integrity
• Honesty
• Respect
• Trust
• Openness
• Fairness
• Transparency Communication Contract Communication plays a significant role in implementing ethical values into action. It is important that all the members of the society adhere to the set of protocols defined in the communication contract. Compliance to communication contract avoids unethical communication. There are ten ground clauses that should be implied to ensure ethical communication at the social level, especially in business meetings.
• Sincerity - This clause states that every…

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