Social Class And The Middle Class Essay

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In England, there were three major classes during the eighteenth century that are the gentry or the upper class, the middle class and the lower class. In English novel “Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte wrote in 1847, the social class was influential in English economy and society. The story of novel can see a lot of the lower class, like Heathcliff and Nelly who are a low income. In contrast, Catherine and her family are middle class, and Edgar Linton and his family are upper class. It really shows how different living is for all the levels of classes in Wuthering Height and Thrush cross Grange. Social class has an effect on people life from the past till now because social class give people an opportunity on family life, education, social network and income while the social class have affected a lower class people live and lose their opportunity in the English society. Social class is a major role in Wuthering Height which is based on social hierarchy, culture and economic in English society.
Social hierarchy was divided into three classes. There were the gentry, the middle-class and working class. The gentry were a class of society comprising people who born into a wealthy family, they were wealthy. The gentry owned land rather money. Lands were most protected by wills and would pass to the oldest. The system restricted what a landowner could do with his inherit property. The land would be passed to the next generation. In the novel, the author reveals a class status…

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