Social Class And Social Impact On Families Essay

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Final Exam Paper Question Two (A) The focus of this paper will be to persuade the target audience that social class compared to other social statuses impacts family life the strongest in society. The important highlighted components of the sociological framework are historical context, empirical data, and the impact of social context.
The historical context of the social class impact on families in society has changed over time. In Annette Lareau’s book “Unequal Childhoods,” she states that in the nineteenth-century class differences have been affected by the economy’s loss of high paying jobs (pg. 263). She also mentions that good paying jobs are closely tied to education level, and that the key to success in today’s society is to “go to college” (pg. 263). This argues that the more educated an individual is in society, the more likely it is to get a good paying job. Overtime, society gets classified as a certain social class.
Social class can impact families depending on whether they use concerted cultivation or natural growth. Annette Lareau discusses the differences in social class families use child rearing mainly through concerted cultivation (pg. 264). Meanwhile, working class families use child rearing through natural growth (pg. 3-13). This points out the different tactics used by different classes in society. Middle class youths usually are projected to have a good paying job and have excel in academics (pg. 270). Middle class families can include varies races,…

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