Essay on Social Capital And Social Mobility

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As the modern age takes shape, the ability to understand key themes in youths’ lives, such as social capital and social mobility, are vital to examining the way society forms itself. Due to the fluidity within the period of life defined as “youth,” in this essay, social capital is analyzed as a concept as, ‘the examination of educational, work, family, and community experiences’ (Henderson et al, 12). On the other hand, social mobility is surveyed as the ‘movement of individuals, families, or groups through a system of social hierarchy or stratification’(Encyclopedia). Social capital and social mobility will be used to appreciate how, through access to education, some 21st century British youths have had greater advantages in terms of these crucial themes within their lives. Given the importance of education for young people’s social capital and social mobility, it is vital that society find a way to intervene and enhance the education and training opportunities for those youths whose social capital is limited by his/her background.
Traditionally, youths have worked at home, and in terms of family Cote and Bynner note “Thus, structural factors, as mediated by the family and local opportunity structures, continue to have a commanding place in the shaping of youth transitions” (Cote and Bynner, 255). Nevertheless, with the 19th century extension of the number of children in education and 20th century changes in order to provide public education to youths until the age…

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