Social And Social Security System Essay

1018 Words Nov 9th, 2016 5 Pages
In the long history of human beings, the society security system is regarded as the achievement of modern society and history of social security is relatively short. Dating back to the origin of the social security system, German people first had it in 1883. For quite a long period, social insurance issues especially social security has been one of the most important issues of policymakers and governments. What’s more, social security is a heated topic in the report of newspaper and academic magazine, which discussed social and economic development. Nowadays, most countries in the world have social security system. Not only do academicians and civil servants take it into account, but also ordinary citizens place considerable emphasis on the impacts and benefits of social security. In the past decades, drastic changes have been made in social security in China, which have invoked significant interest and discussion almost all over the world. In fact, China is the representative example of a developing country, establishing a comprehensive social security system. This essay will mainly focus on China, describe and discuss the main situation of social security system in China, compare Chinese government’s social security policy to the United States, and discuss the ongoing social security reforms and potential developments. The social security system in China dates back to 1950, the year after the founding of People’s Republic of China. There was a regulation named…

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