Black Death Impact On Society

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Black Death: Bubonic Plague All throughout time and still to this day, situations occur that affect millions of people in areas all over the world. A bubonic plague is a situation that affects millions of people by the quick and effective spreading of a disease. The Black Death killed many people in a span of a few years that swept almost the entire Western civilization. The disease impacted the Western civilizations economy, politics, and social elements that in turn disrupted the functioning of many societies. The Black Death impacted peoples’ lives so greatly that it is still discussed to this day. The spread of the disease originated in the southern parts of China and was spread west through merchants and other travelers. Travel and …show more content…
This epidemic killed almost entire populations in the Western civilization. The disease did not hold back on anyone, it killed the young, old, and the weak mostly because they were not able to fight against the disease at all. The Black Death impacted laborers, bankers, travelers, priests, doctors, etc. The disease caused a major shortage of laborers, which cause a social impact on the civilizations that were affected. People abandoned their homes and family and friends in order to try and escape the Black Death, but anyone who couldn’t escape was most likely killed from the disease. The economy during these times caused for an increase in prices. No one wanted to produce goods and trade them because of the disease that was so easily spread. This caused a major increase in prices of goods that came from out of town. The shortage of laborers caused a high demand for anyone to help out. The disease caused some positive impacts for the common people, peasants, and even women. Laborers could easily find jobs because of the high demand. They could easily move from place to place if they did not like the landlords’ contracts, because they knew they would easily find another place to work. Wages increased tremendously because of the plague. This wage increased was due to the fact that landlords attempted to keep the same contracts as before the Black Death occurred, but they quickly realized that wasn’t possibly …show more content…
Seeing that the Black Death did not hide from anyone no matter if they were rich, poor, or if they worked for the government, many government officials and political workers ran away from their homes as well and left everything behind. This lead to a complete destruction of the government where no one was making decisions, because the government officials were either dead or in hiding to never return. The government was basically helpless and had no idea how to deal with the destruction of the people from the plague. This is when peasants and commoners asked for almost triple the amount of wages as before the plague struck. Political authorities froze all wages for laborers and did not allow them to leave their homes to find better jobs. This infuriated the peasants and commoners to the extent where they rebelled against what was left of the government. Eventually, government officials stopped the revolts, but after the loss of so many people due to the spreading of the Black

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