Social And Economic Development Around The Globe Essay

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Education is the key to furthering social and economic development around the globe. Throughout history, philosophers and world leaders have recognized the importance of education in society. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Even though many great figure heads agree with this statement, schools across the United States seem to be falling short. When the No Child Left Behind Act passed, the goal was to be able to hold students accountable through annual testing, while also being flexible to their specific needs (NCLB). The results have varied across the nation, but in my opinion, teachers began to lecture only on the content that would be seen on the annual test. I believe they did this because of fear of termination due to poor test scores from their class. This subsequently has led to burned out teachers who have lost the passion they once had for education. Teachers, especially elementary, are the foundation of a child’s knowledge and understanding. As a teacher, my goals would be to motivate my students to strive for greatness, mentor and prepare their minds for a lifetime of learning, and to help my students express their values to eventually understand the social impact of their choices. Even though I have never taught in a classroom, my teaching style would be a combination of many ideas. I would use my knowledge of the subject I am teaching and couple it with explanations that are relevant to my…

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