Changing Seventies In Canada

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The Changing Seventies in Canada During the 1970’s many things happening that didn’t happen in the before this decade. The Seventies are also known as the “pivot of change”. During this decade numerous things socially, politically and economically changed in Canada and around the world. It helped build rights for women and give them a chance to be seen as almost equal to mean. Also, there were many different issues formed in Canada during the 1970’s and new innovations to do things more effectively that before. What happened to Canada in the 1970’s help shape Canada and how Canada’s society runs now. Throughout the 1970’s, there were many significant events that changed/contributed to the economic, social and political development of Canada. …show more content…
These two events are still present even till today. The first major social event during the 1970’s was the improvement of Canada Post to help send letters quicker to people across Canada. During the early 1970’s, telephones were expensive and most people communicated by mail. In 1970, Canada Post brought high speed sorting and coding equipment from Belgium and France. Then in 1972 the government along with Canada Post made one of the most efficient systems of mail distribution. They introduced the postal code. Before this people would just write the address and Canada Post would have to deliver it one at a time. What the postal code did was that it made sorting and delivering quicker. The postal code contains six characters. The first letter indicates province and the next two characters showed sorting area. The last three characters indicated the street, apartment or rural post office which the letters were going to. This postal code system is so effective that it is still used until today. It let letters be sent quicker and at a cheap price of 5 cents. As a matter of fact this may seem as the only social event during the 1970’s that contributed to Canada’s development, but there was a second one. The second event is the creation of Sesame Street. Before 1970 there weren’t many children shows. On April 7, 1970 the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) bought the right of the children show Sesame Street. This show aired across the country that entertained eight million people five days a week for one hour. It provided positive messages to kids with friendly characters and became one of the most popular TV series during the decade. Then a dilemma occurred. There had to be a balance of American and Canadian programming. If Sesame Street was considered Canadian, it would upset the system and cause to many American shows. It was not considered a Canadian show or any foreign show to avoid this problem. Many

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