Essay on Soci 4080

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Benda Brown
SOCI 4080
January 17, 2013

When ask what are some of the things you could say that stuck with you as a child growing up in the house with your parents? I would probably say with values, morals and happiness along with virtue. Society use morals and values to interact with each day. Morals instruct people to appropriately interact each other, we practice morals and values by certain beliefs within our cultural teachings and live by and the values and morals. Virtue is the excellence that gives to the practice of values moral beliefs. Examples say excuse me if I accidentally bump into a person, do not steal from people, respect older people, keep my voice low when in public, etc.…. People is judged by their
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I always try to watch what I say and do to a person because it reflects who I am; I always want to leave a person with the thought that I am not a bad person. “Treat them good and good will follow, treat them bad and bad will follow” is a cliché I use to remind myself how to treat people. Kant believes “a good will is defined by duty”. Deontological theories of ethics hold that certain features of moral actions themselves have intrinsic value, and we intuitively recognize our duty to act morally. “A good will is good not because of what it performs or effect”. “Not by it suitability for the attainment of some propose end, but simply by virtue of the volition”. It is our moral duty to assure that every person is treated in a way that will make them feel good and the person who done the good deed know they done the right thing by choice and not by recognition or reward. The thought of having to be rewarded each time a person do good is not of good moral characteristics. When I do something good for a person, I do because it is my moral duty to do so and I choose to do so because it was the right thing to do. I could not harbor the thought of a knowing I could help a person, but instead choose to intentionally walk away with the knowledge that I know they were in need of my assistance. Aristotle theory is happiness understood as self-sufficiency (fulfillment of all desires) consisting in activity in conformity

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